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About Us

Where Lifelong Learning Starts

What We Offer

Activities, art projects, and lessons are built around weekly themes based on our “Letter of the Week.” We study over 30 topics in the following ways:

Arts & Crafts

It’s fun getting messy and learning through doing. Cutting, painting, molding, gluing, drawing, baking, and even making homemade applesauce and pizza develop small motor skills and build confidence.


Children get to move, sing, dance, and enjoy music and rhythm every day. As we sing songs about slippery fish, bushy-tailed squirrels, and buzzing bees, they learn about each of our weekly themes in fun, new ways! 

Field Trips

Each month we take a trip that reinforces a theme learned in class. Trips to see pumpkins growing on the farm, zoo animals in their habitats, and sea creatures at the aquarium, all bring learning to life!

Early Literacy

The Handwriting Without Tears® program as well as Zoo-phonics help children engage with letters and sounds in a fun and interactive way.

Science & Discovery

Exploding a volcano, creating fossils, watching chemical reactions, and looking at the lacy wings of a dragonfly under the microscope all capture a child's love of science and discovery.

Outside Play

Running, playing, and using large motor skills happens every day. A very large play yard with two play structures, a play house, a sand box, lots of fun riding toys, balls, and bubbles give children everything they need to fuel their imaginations and move.

Explore Our School

Debbie’s Place is an in-home preschool where children are free to discover and explore. Learning space includes a large outdoor playground, an art room with a discovery table, an activity room, reading nook, and interactive playroom.

Craft table
Large playset
Outside activities
Interactive Toys
Fruit trees
Backyard space
Outside play
Circle time
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