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Meet the Teacher

Putting Children First


Debbie Szilagyi

Director & Teacher

Hi, I’m Ms. Debbie, and teaching is my passion! I’m committed to giving children a place where they feel loved and safe and excited about learning every day. I believe in finding the strengths of each child, and capturing each one’s interest by focusing on those strengths. I love to see the look on children’s faces when they discover something new about themselves or about the world around them. Every day is an opportunity to learn as each child is free to explore, discover, ask questions, and have fun. I have always felt children have an innate love of learning and discovery. When that is supported, mirrored, and encouraged, children are free to soar. I love being along for the journey!


  • B.S. - Training and Development

  • Preschool music teacher

  • Bilingual in English and Spanish

  • Continued education in child development at LWTC

  • 4-year volunteer overseeing training of 15 teachers instructing over 75 children

  • Training in Preschool Speech and Development at U.W. Speech and Hearing Clinic

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